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If you need bouzouki chords, charango chords, banjo chords, tenor guitar chords, mandolin chords, cavaquinho chords, ukulele chords, cuatro chords, tres cubano chords, mandola chords, mandocello chords and others, please read on...

Fretted Friends Music specialises in hard to find music publications for many of the world's unique, unusual and diverse fretted instruments. 

For years the major international publishing groups have concentrated almost exclusively on high volume, low risk titles for the guitar, piano, mandolin, ukulele and banjo.

Here at FFM, we believe we've gone a long way to redress the balance if your interest lies outside the mainstream. With titles covering the charango, irish bouzouki, tenor guitar, greek bouzouki, mandola, mandocello, Puerto Rican cuatro, Venezuelan cuatro, octave mandolin, ukulele, mandolin, baritone ukulele, cavaquinho, tenor banjo, irish tenor banjo, plectrum banjo, bluegrass banjo, tres cubano and others, we have a wide range of publications to suit your needs. We also have an ever expanding range of new titles, so why not bookmark us and drop by to see the latest additions to the Fretted Friends family of music publications!




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If you'd like to see examples of our publications in greater detail, take a look at the  pdf demo files featured on the separate instrument family pages  available from the Bookshop menu. The movie file to the right shows a few examples of the many pages featured within a selection of our Chord Bibles and Chord Dictionaries.

Our Chord Bibles feature between 1,728  and 2,880 different chords (including extended and slash chords), making them the most comprehensive series of specialist chord dictionary publications currently available. Each title also includes  an introduction, additional information on chord theory, instrument history (in a family factfile), alternative chord naming charts, chord interval configurations, tuning and notation diagrams, slash chords, fretboard layouts, fingering advice, frequently asked questions and using a capo.

Chord examples taken from two of our Chord Bibles

Chord Examples


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